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Case Study

The RIENTH GmbH & Co. KG have their headquarters in Winnenden/Germany since 1909 when Ernst Rienth sen. founded his craft enterprise. The family company in the third generation on the one hand signifies continuity and tradition, on the other it represents continuous development. Knowing this, a modern web presence is a must.




  • Workshop
  • Concept
  • Responsive design
  • Implementation
  • SEO

Media Cluster created the new web presence for RIENTH based on TYPO3. The premium image content of the page gives a insight into the work of the company, informs about solutions and services as well as job openings. Visually engaging, responsive and without continuous clicking.

A professional representation, the display of knowledge and skill, an inside look into the professional and varied workflow as well as the recruiting of new employees were the focal points for the company.