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Building Technology / DS


Standard solutions
Our webdesign transfers information while considering the utmost degree of usability. Based on our longstanding experience with content management systems we create a base that lets you manage the content you provide to your customers.
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Custom solutions
Websites are information, company communication, point of sale and much more. They work best when user guidance is optimized. Beginning from the landing page to the shop.
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Reseller solutions
Whether it's a full-fledged package solution or a portfolio of reusable standard layouts, with our longstanding experience in webdesign we'll find the perfect solution for your reseller-oriented ideas. Based on a suitable content management system together we'll develop a concept that will excite your customers.
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Electronic court room management system
The EGSM system represents the logical, digital completion of modern court room equipment, both inside and in front of the court room. EGSM implements the digital administration of all required court and session information. It welcomes, navigates and informs parties, attorneys and visitors in a clear and regulation-compliant manner.
TYPO3 Immomanager
For more than 15 years our real estate management application "Immomanager" has been a reliable partner for real estate marketers. Implemented as a powerful TYPO3 extension it offers easy and convenient administration and automatic marketing as well as imports and exports of real estate objects.
Tenant portal
Modern real estate managers want to do their jobs unbureaucratically, as automated as possible and in a timely fashion. Our tenant portal developed for the TYPO3 CMS helps managers to handle their tasks easily and intuitively inside a browser.
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Digital menu system
Easily administrating digital menus as well as additional nutritional information and to then present it digitally and in a stylish way are the requirements for a modern menu information system. Initially developed in collaboration with Daimler AG our digital menu system provides a solution for the modern canteen.
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Building navigation system
The secure navigation through the building or area is a basic requirement in the area of the building technologies. Our building navigation system offers indoor as well as outdoor navigational solutions to guide your visitors.
Event and conference system
Our event and conference system offers an easy solution to administer and display your event information digitally. The automatic data retrieval will be a custom implementation tailored to your available systems and wishes like we did for example for our customer IHK Region Stuttgart.
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Document management
Future-proof document management solutions are needed to handle the modern requirement of always accessible documents. Cloud-based storage solutions are the key to guarantee mobile access from anywhere to your required documents.
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Inventory management
You want to know your current stock all the time? You want to give your customers an overview of your portfolio? Then an inventory management solution with integrated search capabilities might be the right option for you. It goes without saying, that this solution as well is online and cloud-based and therefore always accessible from everywhere.
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News system
Whether you want to keep your employees up to date about current developments or you want to inform your customers about your latest products and services, a custom tailored news system will help you achieve it. Implemented as an intranet application or as a premium customer area directly in your website, your ideas are the limit.
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