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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.


The second best ist right now.

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation pushes its way through all areas of society. Whether it's conceived as continuous change or more of a revolution, it is relentless in any way - in our minds and in companies.

20 years ago we already chose this path. Excited by innovation and technology we curiously and adventurously live digital transformation ever since.

Because of this - for us - a project is only finished successfully once a technical solution is achieved and implemented in a way that the users accept it and deem it an indispensable added value.


For us the base of every sucessful digital project is an actual consultation; the factual determination of the customers needs is an imperative requirement and the basis to create a valid concept for implementation. The main requirement to achieve this:


User-oriented development is the top priority right from the start. The so called User Centered Design (UCD) is the fundamental approach and the base of all our development and solutions.


All previously mentioned factors are to be evaluated iteratively against each other over the whole development and implementation process, ideally while involving the user in every phase.


Since we have been implementing interactive systems for a long time, we had to consider user-friendly design early on, before the mass dissemination of mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

That's the reason for our long-standing experience in UI-Design, which is why the requirement for responsivity in modern application design posed no problem upon implementation.

What does „UX-Design“ mean ?

It's a proven fact that many digital projects fail because the wishes and objections of the users weren't considered sufficiently enough. To avoid this and to make your employees and customers part of the journey to the digitization of company processes, a "user centered design" is required.

User experience (UX) Design“ stands for the process of product development that offers a useful and enjoyable interaction to the users, a positive user-experience so to speak.
To achieve this the "human-machine-interface" has to be developed in a way that it in itself is closed, logical and works without needless breaks in the workflow.

To make it short:


If it's fun to use the app,

the UX designer did a good job !


When implementing our software applications the user-centered development has priority. The programming follows the principle of agile development to achieve sustainable results as soon as possible.
Our software applications are responsive and web-based by default and therefore independent from operating systems or specific hardware. Simultaneously we value data security and application availability above all else, which is why we're using german or european server products exclusively.




Following you'll find a selection of languages we use in our everyday work:
PHP, Java, C, C++, C#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, Micro-Controller (e.g. Arduino)


Following you'll find a selection of interfaces / APIs we have implemented in the past: REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, Websockets, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, ICIS (price information service for insurances), miscellaneous interfaces with software appliances in the real estate sector.
As interface and API specialists we are always ready to implement new individual interfaces based on the customers requirements.


Our experience regarding hardware stems from 20 years of installing, implementing and running systems.

Whether indoor or outdoor, interacitive (touch-enabled) systems or simple infoscreens, as a manufacturer-independant solution specialist we'll find the right hardware for your needs. We offer a wide range of standard hardware or customizable parts as well as development of completely new hardware via one of our partners.