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Case Study

A new restaurant concept with asian cross-over-cooking is the base of the new restaurant chain GinYuu by Apeiron AG. Pan-asian-pacific dishes and aromatic ingredients are the focus.

Accompanying a whole new concept puts on high requirements.


  • Consulting
  • Concept
  • Responsive design
  • Implementation
  • Social-Media concept
  • Styleguide
  • Editorial planning
  • Campaigns
  • Community-/Audience-Management
  • Raffles

Always finding the next GinYuu restaurant - regardless what device you use - the website combines the digital world with the restaurant on site. The user gets informed about the opening hours of the GinYuu restaurant in his area, has the option to book a table online or find out about current and specials.

A new restaurant has to reach the customer. Media Cluster uses strategic online campaigns in their social media efforts and offers the customer individually designed raffles for more brand interaction. This is fun and helps the long-term customer retention.

With their new website GinYuu achieved a new visual concept that complements the style of the brand and simultaneously offers the required editorial flexibility. Design and picture selection are well-matched and present the fresh and delicious dishes in the best way.